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// MAGNETIC products

/ Fridge magnets

Consistent visibility is powerful in brand marketing and the kitchen is one of the most functional areas with high visibility spaces. The fridge is one of these line of sight spaces, which if leveraged correctly, through effective messaging or design via fridge magnets, can offer real returns on your brands promotional needs.

Custom-made fridge magnets

/ magnetic licence


Our magnetic licence discs offer a revolutionary, two-piece, licence disc that solves the on-going problem car owner’s experience, i.e. the sticky glue residue left on windscreens with traditional methods of license renewal.

Magnetic Licence disc holders offer a high resolution, low cost, branded solution to getting your business in consumers vehicles. With a long lifespan, your next promotional campaign will benefit hugely from using magnetic licence disc holders.

Magnetic Licence Disc
Magnetic Licence disc holder

/ VEHICLE magnets

Flexible size and shape options to meet any objective and budget. Vehicle Magnets are on the move branding and awareness.

High resolution print quality.

Outdoor resistant.

Interchangeable and ideal for small business.

Car Magnets
Vehicle magnets

/ magnetic PHOTO FRAMES

These promotional magnets are perfect for advertising your business. Your audience will love displaying their precious photos and moments on their refrigerators, lockers, etc, so take the opportunity to brand the edges with your message and spread your company’s exposure.

This product is individually flow-wrapped in clear BOPP bags, which can accommodate a leaflet/flyer adding additional significant value add.

Magnetic photo frame

Our range is designed to offer usefulness and convenience. Build brand recognition that leads to repeat business. Wide range of sizes and shapes, with great branding opportunities.

Used frequently, magnetic whiteboards offer an effective route to have branding incorporated into the daily experience.

The versatile 3-in-1 marker pen is a useful accompanying item, which is always available, magnetically attached to the fridge.

Magnetic Write and Wipe white board
/ magnetic WALL PAINT

MagWall is a high quality paint primer that can transform your wall, and other surfaces such as glass and wood, into a magnetic surfaces. MagWall has a wide range of magnetic accessories that can be used to create highly engaging, fun, educational and business environments.

Magnetic Wall Paint
Magnetic Wall Paint
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